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Fall for professional treatments that work to rejuvenate your skin this autumn
Autumn is associated with self-reflection. After all, the seasons aren’t the only things that change! See this as an opportunity to inventory your skincare regimen. When you look in the mirror, what do you see in the reflection staring back at you? Are there newfound red spots? Brown splotches? Does your skin look “thirsty” or “tired”? As fun as the summer can be, all that outdoor activity and sun exposure is brutal on our skin.

Just as there are are many forms of “summer sun damage,” caused by the UV light from the sun’s rays, there are just as many forms of facial rejuvenation to wipe away those changes. Dr. Lloyd has numerous lasers to assist in eradicating the summer damage, and promote fresh, youthful skin. Your fall facial rejuvenation may also include:
  • Botox for lines like “crow’s feet” caused by all that squinting at the sun!
  • Fillers, of which there are many different kinds, to address lines and wrinkles that arise prematurely and worsen with sun exposure
Evaluate your skin care regimen, what do you actually do? What are you not doing? Could something be added to help wipe away the summer damage? Dr. Lloyd will review your regimen during your cosmetic consultation and will customize your routine to your skin. Your skin care regimen is the daily routine you do to maintain what you’ve got, prevent future damage and help to preserve the beautiful results from laser, injectable, and other treatments you have had. We can’t overemphasize the importance of wearing sunscreen year-round. Even on overcast days, the sun still poses a threat to your skin’s beautiful appearance and health. Call 760-642-6674 to schedule your appointment or email us at
Celebrate a slimmer profile this festive season with Kybella
“Turkey day” may be approaching, but no one wants a “turkey wattle.” You don’t have to go another holiday season with a double-chin and neck fat. We can even help you reveal a slimmer jawline in time to ring in a New Year!

Does that sound like a gift you’d like to unwrap? This is now attainable with a product called Kybella and no surgery is required! Historically, you’d have to go under the knife or have fat suctioned out to get that youthful definition. However with Kybella, it is only a few injections. Dr. Lloyd precisely injects Kybella to locally destroy those unwanted fat cells. Your body then takes the fat cells away, so the fat is gone--gone for good. Unlike with diet and exercise or other weight loss approaches where the fat cells merely shrink and are not destroyed, with Kybella they are removed. Kybella is a natural substance, the same substance made by your gall bladder to dissolve the fat you eat.

Kybella even fits into your busy holiday schedule!

What’s better than a lasting way to turn a double into a single chin? A treatment that is easy, comfortable, and doesn’t take you away from holiday shopping, parties, and family time, of course! This nonsurgical alternative reveals natural and gradual results in four to six weeks after injection.

Treatment involves two injection sessions spaced two months apart, sessions are well tolerated and there is minimal downtime. Therefore, you can get back to celebrating without missing a beat. We look forward to hearing from you! Call (760) 642-6674 or email us at
Why Dr. Amanda Lloyd Loves Botox!
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Dr. Amanda Lloyd gave two lectures to her fellow Dermatologists at this years American Society for Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting in Chicago, IL.

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