What Causes Acne?
You can read for hours and hours on the various online forums for the treatment of acne and acne scarring. Unfortunately, much of what is online is not evidence based and is not effective. If you truly want your acne and acne scarring taken care of, waste no more time reading online and trying random treatments that are ineffective. Call now and make an appointment with board certified dermatologist Dr. Amanda Lloyd who specializes in acne and acne scarring treatments. She will work together with you to create a comprehensive treatment regimen to get your skin beautiful so you Look Stunning. Always.

No time for acne – you’re back to school!
It is hard to believe how quickly the summer flew by and now you’re back to school. You certainly have no time for acne or for your skin to be flaring. The first few weeks are over and the first exams are just around the corner. The stress of going back to school and exams can flare acne but there are three simple things you can do to clear your complexion and help you to put your best face forward at school.

Radiant results
Excel V

Dr. Amanda Lloyd, a former member of the UCLA cheerleading squad returned to campus to teach the current UCLA Spirit Squad about skin care and sun protection.

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