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Skin tags
Skin tags (also know by the medical term acrochordon) are benign skin growths that are of no malignant potential. Men and women are equally affected by these growths. They are often seen in certain locations like the neck, underarms, under the breasts and in the folds of the thighs - areas when the skin forms creases usually. They can also be found on the face - particularly at the eye/eyelid ares. It is theorized that these finger like projections of skin come about from constant rubbing/friction at the sites where they grow. They are most often small and painless but in some instances can be large and get irritated or sore. Some people do not like the appearance of these growths and prefer to have them removed. They can be easily removed in our office with the proper instruments - that usually being a clean sharp pair of scissors and a steady hand. But before you self diagnose it is best to let a trained dermatologic professional look at the lesion first - just in case it's something more than just your plain old run of the mill skin tag.
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Skin Care
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