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Dr. Kasper and his team have a great deal of experience in the treatment of acne and management of skin health. We understand that acne is more than a physical concern. The effects of breakouts can be devastating for the patient of any age. Due to difficulty in disguising bumps and marks on the skin, acne may cause a person to become very self-conscious….

Solar Purpura
As we get older our skin changes - and we notice things that we may not have seen say when we were in our 50s or younger. One of those things can be solar purpura: red or purple marks usually located on the tops of the forearms or backs of the hands that seem to happen for no reason at all. There is a reason actually

The skin of the lower arms ultimately gets a lot of sun on that area over our lifetime and that takes quite a toll on that skin. Due to the chronic sun exposure the skin gets thin and therefore does not offer as much protection to the blood vessels located within that area. The blood vessels themselves also become more fragile and the slightest bump or bit of pressure across those areas can leave flat red marks that can then progress to purple and can last up for a few weeks. These are different from true bruises as there is no pain associated with them and there isn't significant trauma needed to produce them.
Blood thinners, including aspirin, coumadin, and alcohol may worsen the condition. Also steroids - either as a cream, pill, on in an inhaled form - can also trigger this condition.

The take home message is that there is noting wrong with you - no systemic or "bleeding" problem as this is just a local process that is happening - all due to sun damage!
Once you seen them you may ask what can be done to make them look better or even go away faster...Cosmetics can be used to hide the lesions until they go away.
The best treatment is trying to prevent any trauma to the skin - no matter how minor - as this will not allow the condition to begin. Using moisturizer and sunscreen to the area daily is very helpful and even clothing can be used to protect the areas as well.
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