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When psoriasis and light mix, you get relief and results
Psoriasis has an amicable relationship with light. For this reason, the lack of sunlight associated with the fall and winter months is linked to flare-ups of this common and troubling skin condition. Likewise, you may have noticed symptoms such as redness, scaling, and itching tend to get better in the summer. In the winter, the supply of ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays is in shorter supply. Moreover, people tend to stay indoors and avoid the cold, which also means avoiding the UV light that helps psoriasis symptoms! You don’t have to brave the cold to benefit from light-based therapy for psoriasis relief in Frederick, MDat the Washington Dermatology Center. Also known as “phototherapy,” Drs. Ron Prussick, Mary Piazza Maiberger, and Jennifer Nguyen can recreate the benefits provided by the great outdoors in the office.

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