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Welcome to Gentle Care Dentistry - July 2017 Newsletter

Patient Testimonial

"Going to dentist has always been very hard I don't like the drilling and the poking But DR LUU is the tooth fairy she makes everything so comfortable I even fell asleep today when she was working on my teeth... its like I was having a teeth massage."

Dennis M.

Dental check-ups for more than a beautiful smile

Dental specialists are the ideal health partners to detect a type of head and neck cancer whose incidence has exploded in the past 15 years: HPV. Yes, it’s the same high-risk HPV that causes cervical cancer. The HPV virus is seemingly everywhere, so many are exposed. This type of cancer is often found on the tongue and oropharynx, the middle part of your throat behind the mouth. It includes the back third of your tongue, the sides and back walls of your throat, and tonsils. This type of cancer is distinguished from “traditional” oral cancers, partly, due to:

  • It’s affecting younger men
  • It’s affecting those who are not smokers or longtime, habitual drinkers
  • The high incidence among people with persistent HPV, who unlike most have a hard time clearing the virus

The growing rates of these cancers underscore the importance of dental visits, at least every six months. As dentists, we’re at the front lines of not only your teeth and gum health, but also your overall wellness. Our professionals will look for abnormalities, such as ulcers or growths on the sides and base of the tongue or tonsils. If you haven’t scheduled your next checkup, call us.

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Azura, CA dentist answers the question, “What are tooth extractions?”

Most people have heard of “having your wisdom teeth pulled.” Sometimes, other permanent teeth also need to be removed. Maybe you have wondered, “What are tooth extractions?” Any time a tooth is removed, it is a tooth extraction. Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa, CA believes in helping patients have the healthiest smile possible. Tooth extractions are done when there is no way to save the natural tooth.

Tooth extraction:
Several factors can lead to the removal of a tooth. Gum disease can loosen or damage teeth. Maybe an injury has broken a tooth beyond repair or your tooth is extensively decayed. If this is the case, a tooth extraction will be done to preserve your overall oral health.

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