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AUGUST 2017 Newsletter
Oral Health Challenges For Diabetics May Be A Thing Of The Past
You may be among the almost 10 percent of Americans who are diabetic. While we’re oral health specialists, we monitor changes to your overall health, because teeth and gums and the rest of your body are connected. What affects one part is bound to affect the other.

We’re following the latest research from New York University College of Dentistry, which could hold the key to protecting bone and better healing for diabetic patients. Researchers found hyperglycemic mice, the mouse counterparts to human Type 2 diabetics, had 24-times higher amounts of the compound succinate than “normal mice.” This opens the door to therapies that regulate succinate for bone density protection. Female diabetics alone are at a 20 percent greater risk of fractures than women who don’t have Type 2 diabetes. Anything that helps prevent bone resorption and increase the odds of speedy and successful healing is a plus for us!

We see repeatedly how poorly-controlled diabetes affects our patients and challenges their oral health, including:
  • Dry mouth, which promotes tooth decay
  • Delays in post-treatment recovery
  • Frequent mouth infections
  • Poor blood sugar control = more gum problems
  • Advanced gum disease may elevate blood sugar
Restorative Dentistry
Restoring a patient's smile is easy with today's advances in cosmetic dentistry. Whether patients have had bad oral hygiene routines in the past or were born with problem teeth, Dr. Spilkia is able to offer a wide variety of services in order to address a number of conditions and issues that patients may complain about. Not everything he does is to improve functionality of the teeth or help patients avoid pain. With cosmetic dentistry, improving the look of the smile is just as important.

There are a variety of procedures and services offered at Dr. Spilkia's practice that focus on the aspect of restoring a patient's smile.

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Toothy Testaments

" If I ever have my teeth scraped again, I shall request Lydia; she did a great job this morning and my mouth is almost back to normal! Incredible performance and very much appreciated! "

~ John V. June 2017.

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Teeth Maintenance

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