Play it safe as you celebrate
Independence Day sparks the human spirit with outdoor get-togethers, barbecue, music, and a sky filled with light. For about 230 individuals, it results in a trip to the emergency room. Most injuries are burns to the fingers, hands, eyes, face, head, and ears.

Play safe by:
  • Obeying local laws.
  • Reading cautionary labels before igniting.
  • Avoiding homemade devices.
  • Supervising children – even with sparklers and black snakes.
  • Wearing safety glasses.
  • Keeping a water source (hose or bucket) nearby.
  • Lighting fireworks outside only, one at a time, away from vehicles and buildings.
  • Placing “duds” in a bucket of water after a 20-minute wait (do not try to re-light).
  • Waiting until after fireworks to consume alcohol.
  • Leaving pets at home, in an interior room, wearing an ID tag.
Happy Independence Day from Dr. Don Mungcal and his team at Downtown Dental in Los Angeles. May you and your family have a safe, happy July 4th celebration.
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