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Los Angeles’ Dental Patients Benefit From The Evolution Of Dental Crowns
Aticle Banner Gold and noble (non-corrosive) metals remained go-to materials for dental crowns for many years. In 1889 Charles Land patented the first ceramic cap. Known as a “jacket crown,” it blended much better with existing teeth, but was prone to cracking. Nevertheless, it was used extensively into the 1950s.

PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns were developed in the late 1950s to solve the durability issue. While PFMs are strong, the metal core lacks natural translucency, and a dark area shows at the gum line.

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This month we celebrate the birthday of our beloved Dr. Mungcal!
The birthday of our beloved Dr. Mungcal!

Thanks for all the warm wishes and to all those who dropped by!
Knowledge packed weekends at Downtown Dental!
Knowledge packed weekends at Downtown Dental!

Thanks Dr. Gottschalk for coming to Downtown Dental!
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