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Is it an ordinary toothache, or something more serious?
Your dental partners are also your partners in health. We’re happy to see more family physicians are acknowledging that connection between the mouth and the rest of the body. You may be familiar with the connection between untreated gum disease and the vascular inflammation linked to heart disease and stroke. You may not be as familiar with the jaw and mouth related symptoms of these conditions. As a society, we have the tendency to focus on “commonly-cited” symptoms of a heart attacks or strokes, such as pain on the left side of the body. But women may experience symptoms that you don’t read about as commonly online. These include:
  • Jaw pain or discomfort
  • Particularly pronounced pain in the lower jaw
  • Discomfort seemingly originating from the jaw worsens when twisting from side-to-side
  • Mouth pain that gets worse with deep breath, persists at rest or, conversely, during physical activity
Usually, if tooth or jaw pain is the only worrisome condition, TMJ dysfunction or other dental problems are to blame. If accompanied by other types of symptoms, underlying medical conditions such as cancers, sinus infections, and salivary stones may be to blame. Don’t doubt. Call your health partners without delay.
Patient Reviews

William Roper

"I began going to Dr. Edeer in 1998. He has been terrific. In addition to being an excellent dentist, he is up to date with the technology to enhance his skills."
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Featured Procedure - Philips Zoom Whitening
According to Statistic Brain, Americans spend $1,400,000,000 each year on teeth whitening products. Thirty-two percent report being concerned with the appearance of their teeth, and 18 percent hide their smiles in photographs. Philips Zoom is the Professional Whitening brand most requested by patients. Wayne, NJ practice, Aesthetic Smile Design, provides this in-office service.

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Health and Wellness
What is oral systemic health?
Historically, dentistry focused on repairing teeth. In modern times, the scope of dental care expanded to focus on oral health, preventive medicine, and aesthetic improvement. A growing collection of research shows that the dentist also plays an important role in your systemic (affecting your entire body) health, quality of life, and possibly even longevity.

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