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AUGUST Newsletter 2017
How to (safely) view The Great American Eclipse
Did you know???? The Mainland U.S. has only averaged about seven total solar eclipses each century since 2000 BC? Will you be watching The Great American Eclipse on August 21? Protect your eyes from long-term damage caused by looking at the sun during most parts of an eclipse. Consider:
  • It’s only OK to look directly at the sun when it’s completely covered by the moon.
  • During the rest of the eclipse, you must protect your eyes to avoid retinal damage and potential blindness.
  • There are no safe times to view the sun without protection in areas that have a partial eclipse.
  • The only recommended protection is with solar filters used in “eclipse glasses,” or in solar viewers. Even very dark sunglasses aren’t adequate for looking directly at the sun.
  • Intense solar rays pass through unfiltered cameras, telescopes, binoculars, and similar devices.
  • The American Astronomical Society’s website has lots of information on where to find proper eyewear and solar filters for devices, so you can safely participate in this special event!
Also consider the fun of live eclipse events at local museums, science centers, and clubs, or watch NASA’s live stream from the safety of your computer.
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Dry Eye Symptoms and Treatments
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Things you might notice are watery eyes, tired eyes, dry eyes, grittiness, feeling like a piece of sand or dirt or an eyelash is in the eye, or your eyes might burn. These are all signs of dryness, and this can often be treated with the use of artificial tears or similar lubricants

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