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4 “musts” for a stress-free, healthy-smile summer
Graduations, weddings, and road trips are in the air when Mother Nature finally decides to give us a break! You’ll be flashing your pearly whites a lot this summer; keep your smile a priority. Take a moment to chew on the below:
  • Due for a check-up? If it’s been more than 6 months since your last visit, call us now. Routine exams and cleanings are the foundation for healthy, stunning smiles. Schedule yours before you go on vacation. Nothing sours paradise faster than aching, throbbing teeth.
  • Don’t wait ‘til August to schedule your kiddo’s visit. Avoid the mad back-t0-school rush. Book your child’s check-up today. The Smile Center fixes problems well in advance … no missed school days!
  • Hydrate smart. During the dog days of summer, lemonade and sports and energy drinks are tempting. Any beverages (and foods) that contain sugar can erode your tooth’s natural protective enamel. Keep decay at bay; stick to water or have it handy to “chase” sugary, acidic drinks. And watch the sugar content of so-called “healthy” fruit juices and smoothies!
  • Is your emergency travel kit ready? Start with a clean bill of health. From there, pack an extra toothbrush and floss, American Dental Association-approved toothpaste, and products to keep your dentures, mouth-guards, and braces fresh and functional. Add topical pain relievers and preservatives like Save-A-Tooth, products to ease unwelcome, surprising aches and pains, and to nourish a knocked-out tooth for up to 24 hours – buying you time to see the dentist for treatment.
Live it up this summer break. But don’t take a break from the good habits that keep you healthy, and save you grief, money, and time. The Smile Center welcomes your call and questions!

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