Your guide to healthy summer hydration
Do you know the 8-8 rule? That is, drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water each day. The Institute of Medicine, by way of the Mayo Clinic, notes men and women should drink 9 and 13 cups daily. All beverages count.As the weather heats up, the amount of fluid lost through sweating naturally goes up as does the need to replenish those fluids.

The type of beverage matters. As dentists, we understand drinks that are good for your body are often tooth-friendly. Many energy drinks contain lots of sugar and caffeine, which promote obesity and conditions like diabetes. With the abundance of flavored waters on the market, it’s not enough to reach for a product labeled “water.”

Like energy drinks, many of these beverages get their yummy flavors from citrus or other fruit acids that wreak havoc on protective enamel. When carbonation is added, flavored water is doubly damaging due to the acidity associated with carbonated beverages like soda. Eat don’t drink mango. If you prefer your fruit “sparkling,” don’t make these drinks your key hydration source. And don’t sip. It gives acids and sugars plenty of time to affect your teeth.

General dental care
Here at the Smile Center we take comprehensive dental care to a new level. We provide all of your routine dental needs, as you would expect from any general dentist – with the quality you would expect from a specialist. Come to us for

Patient Reviews

"This dental office has a friendly staff. They use high-tech equipment and keep up with the latest trends in dentistry. For example, they have a cool way of doing xrays. You just stand still and the X-ray machine moves around you. You don't need those cardboard discs in your mouth that make you choke. The machine doesn't even touch you. The staff are very patient with people like me who have anxiety about going to the dentist. I am always impressed by the short waiting time at appointments. I'm in an out in less than an hour. I've been going to the Smile Center for about 10 years. I recommend the Smile Center. "

by Elaine M - July 2017

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