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Is “power” whitening safe? Dentist identifies healthiest way to brighten
Aticle Banner Teeth whitening has been around for awhile, but this cosmetic enhancement has reached new heights of popularity in today’s selfie-driven culture. Our society has also become so fast-paced that quicker seems better. In the case of teeth whitening, it is not. Austin, TX biological dentist, Dr. E. Griffin Cole, offers a healthy alternative.

What causes sensitivity?

Tooth enamel looks smooth and impervious. However, it is covered with tubules – microscopic channels that extend through enamel to underlying pulp. One of the purposes of the tubules is to transfer temperature sensation, helping you avoid damage to teeth.

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Overview of exposure and harm from mercury released from "silver" dental amalgam fillings
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Smile Transformations
Browse our gallery of beautiful smiles to become familiar with our practice before your first appointment.

Smile Transformations

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