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How laser therapy benefits a holistic approach to dental care
Aticle Banner Laser technology is something which has had a major impact on almost all areas of medical science, and dentistry is no different. The non-invasive nature of laser dentistry, which aids the healing process within a shorter time, has been one of the biggest advantages brought about by this technology.

This factor is especially appreciated in a holistic dental care, which values having natural, biocompatible and minimally invasive technologies in its repertoire. The precision associated with laser instruments allows an experienced person with the necessary training and skills to carry out many treatment procedures effectively and efficiently without having to cut or drill or even numb the patient.

There is very little bruising or swelling associated with the technology, and most of the surrounding tissue wouldn’t see any damage. It’s painless too. There is almost no bleeding and healing is a quick process. Since it’s well known that the sound, smell, heat and vibrations associated with the drilling process increase tension levels among patients, the elimination of these factors reduce patient anxiety to a great extent. Even children can undergo laser dental treatments without any problems.

Some dental procedures which utilize laser therapy are crown lengthening and re-contouring; tongue- or lip-tie release; healing sores, ulcers and lesions; removal of damaged or decayed parts of teeth; and treatment of dental abscesses and gum disease.

Dr. Olivia Hart utilizes the best of laser technology for her patients at her holistic dental office - Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA. Call (804) 381-6238 to learn more.
Same-day crowns to the rescue
Aticle Banner People choose crowns for their teeth for a variety of reasons. If decay or injury has damaged teeth, crowns may restore their natural appearance and functionality. They can replace missing teeth, top dental implants, strengthen teeth which have undergone root canal therapy, or be part of dental bridge units. The crowns’ versatility has made them an integral part of general dentistry.

However, most people are reluctant to get crowns due to delays in the preparation. It generally takes a few days, with the dentist having to send impressions of patients’ teeth to an outside laboratory where the crowns will be prepared. Patients have to wear temporary crowns in the meantime. The process would require several dental appointments.

Same-day ceramic crowns have done away with the need for all this, making the process of getting crowns simpler and convenient. The tooth is first prepared with the decayed/damaged parts removed, and is shaped to hold the crown. The doctor would take three-dimensional images of the tooth and use these to precisely design the crown with CAD/CAM technology. Then the crown is fabricated from porcelain with a milling machine at the dentist’s office. It’s matched, and fixed to the existing tooth, and the final touch-ups given. The entire process wouldn’t take more than two hours.

Crowns save money and time and are comfortable too. The results are immediate.

Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA provides same-day ceramic crowns while you wait. Call (804) 381-6238 for more information and appointments.
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