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How holistic dentistry helps improve overall oral health
Aticle BannerHolistic dentistry has been gaining in popularity with more people being aware of the dangers of having metal in their mouths. Safe dentistry, which relies on natural and biocompatible materials instead of metal components, has become extremely popular as a result.

Some metals are toxic while some people are allergic to certain metals. Over time, metal components in the mouth may start leaching and getting into the bloodstream, causing innumerable problems to the system. This is why holistic dentists insist on using natural material.

One such alternative which is now increasingly popular is Zirconia (ceramic) dental implants, which are especially popular among holistic dentists. Their exact resemblance to a natural tooth and the full restoration of normal chewing functions are some reasons for their popularity as are their strength, reliability, and biocompatibility.

However, for implant insertions, patients must have enough bone structure. If gum disease or infections have degenerated bone, a bone graft would be needed before a patient receives implants. Safe bone grafts are also performed by biological dentists.

Holistic dentists always stress on keeping natural teeth intact, but extractions may be needed under certain circumstances. If the tooth is too diseased or damaged beyond salvaging, if infections can spread due to abscessed teeth or if there is an advanced state of periodontal disease which makes the tooth attachments weaker, it would necessitate extractions. In such an eventuality, holistic dentists would use safe extraction methods to minimize discomfort for patients.

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Measures of protection during mercury filling removal
Aticle BannerAlthough mercury amalgams used to be the norm as dental fillings, their use is not encouraged anymore as mercury is believed to be toxic and dangerous to the body. In fact, dentists across the world, especially holistic dentists, are now being requested by patients to remove such fillings they had had in the past.

However, their removal from teeth is not something that should be recklessly handled. Extreme caution needs to be exercised during the procedure to not harm the patients, dentists or the dental staff.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has issued strict guidelines to be applied during the procedure of mercury filling removal, some of which are given below. Dentists, especially holistic dentists, ensure that proper procedures are followed:
  • Protective garments for the patient and dental team
  • Source of fresh air for the patient, delivered through a mask, preventing mercury vapor inhalation
  • A high-volume filtration system in the treatment room to remove mercury vapor and particles
  • Dental dam/isolite to prevent patient swallowing amalgam
  • A high-speed evacuation device to continuously remove large amounts of water, to keep filling material cool, reducing mercury levels in environment
  • Fillings to be removed as large chunks, to minimize grinding which can heat the amalgam, thereby releasing mercury vapor and particles to the air
  • Amalgam separator to keep mercury out of public waste water systems
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women advised not to have mercury fillings removed.
Contact Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA on (804) 381-6238 if you want your mercury fillings removed safely.

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Smile Transformation

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