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JULY newsletter 2017
Dental Check-Ups For More Than A Beautiful Smile
Dental specialists are the ideal health partners to detect a type of head and neck cancer whose incidence has exploded in the past 15 years: HPV. Yes, it’s the same high-risk HPV that causes cervical cancer. The HPV virus is seemingly everywhere, so many are exposed. This type of cancer is often found on the tongue and oropharynx, the middle part of your throat behind the mouth. It includes the back third of your tongue, the sides and back walls of your throat, and tonsils. This type of cancer is distinguished from “traditional” oral cancers, partly, due to:
  • It’s affecting younger men
  • It’s affecting those who are not smokers or long time, habitual drinkers
  • The high incidence among people with persistent HPV, who unlike most have a hard time clearing the virus
The growing rates of these cancers underscore the importance of dental visits, at least every six months. As dentists, we’re at the front lines of not only your teeth and gum health, but also your overall wellness. Our professionals will look for abnormalities, such as ulcers or growths on the sides and base of the tongue or tonsils. If you haven’t scheduled your next checkup, call us (804) 381-6238.
Dr. Hart Joins NBC Discussion On New Technology For Crowns
In this NBC 12 segment, Dr. Olivia Hart discusses CEREC technology for same day dental crowns. Patients love the convenience of having final restorations placed in just one appointment. There is no need for a temporary crown for up to a month, or a second visit to finish the procedure. Dr. Hart explains how the technique also preserves tooth structure and reduces risk of sensitivity. Schedule an appointment at Richmond Family Dentistry to learn more about CEREC. The number is 381-6238. 12!
Porcelain Veneers and Crowns
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Patient Reviews
~ Jody J.

I will only go to biologic dentists and my first experience with Dr. Hart was an excellent one. She is thorough, pays attention to details and answers questions with sound, factbased information. I had a filling and crown preparation done and will be going back for the final crown placement. Dr. Hart is the kind of dentist you travel out of your way to go see.
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