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Dental check-ups for more than a beautiful smile
Dental specialists are the ideal health partners to detect a type of head and neck cancer whose incidence has exploded in the past 15 years: HPV. Yes, it’s the same high-risk HPV that causes cervical cancer. The HPV virus is seemingly everywhere, so many are exposed. This type of cancer is often found on the tongue and oropharynx, the middle part of your throat behind the mouth. It includes the back third of your tongue, the sides and back walls of your throat, and tonsils. This type of cancer is distinguished from “traditional” oral cancers, partly, due to:
  • It’s affecting younger men
  • It’s affecting those who are not smokers or longtime, habitual drinkers
  • The high incidence among people with persistent HPV, who unlike most have a hard time clearing the virus
The growing rates of these cancers underscore the importance of dental visits, at least every six months. As dentists, we’re at the front lines of not only your teeth and gum health, but also your overall wellness. Our professionals will look for abnormalities, such as ulcers or growths on the sides and base of the tongue or tonsils. If you haven’t scheduled your next checkup, call us (248) 365-7737.
Patient Reviews

"Dr. Jason Ingber,

Words can never truly express how much appreciation I have for the compassionate care I received in the MDC office. Each time I came it started with the receptionist asking what we were going to be doing and expressing how excited they were for me. This continued from each member of the staff and once each treatment was complete everyone was excited and wanted to see the results and progress. I never dreamed the results could be this miraculous. Your consult provided an option that allowed me to ultimately save my teeth instead of something more drastic. You have inspired me to better dental care. Your commitment and attention to detail have helped me to realize (achieve) an amazing change in my appearance and overall self-esteem. Your concern for my feelings and comfort you have helped me overcome the most extreme anxieties I had about receiving dental care. Each time I return I see and experience the team structure of your organization. The extra miles you go for your patients has not gone unnoticed by my family and myself. I have been truly blessed to have our paths cross.

Your office was recommended to me and my experience has lived up to every bit of that recommendation. I now gladly go out of my comfort zone and am proud to show people my teeth and speak about my good experience with MDC. The care I have received has absolutely been worth the repeated trips from St Louis to your office.

Again, your office is truly a special environment. Sincere and genuine care is visibly evident both professionally and personally.

A grateful patient,"

~ Janette W.
Before And After Image
Full mouth reconstruction done by Dr. Jason Ingber.

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Featured Procedure - Cosmetic Dentistry
Metropolitan Dental Center in Waterford offers a variety of dentistry services to meet your oral health needs. If you are not fully satisfied with the appearance of your smile, our team will put our extensive skill and passion for dentistry to work for you. Whether your smile has become discolored or you would like to eliminate a flaw such as a crack, gap, or turned tooth, transformation is possible under our expert care.

Pic of the Month

All smiles @ Metropolitan Dental Center! :)
Our happy patient Jeanette West with Dr. Ingber after her treatment!
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