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Your questions about Voluma treatment, answered!
Dr. Jeanine Downie of image Dermatology in Montclair NJ is nationally known for excellence in anti-aging and skincare treatment. We offer a wide variety of treatment options, because every patient is different, and because aging is a multi-faceted process. In order to turn back the clock and achieve a truly natural looking result, it takes a customized treatment plan, usually including various products and procedures.

Advice from your dermatologist about choosing between Botox and Dermal Fillers
If your face is beginning to show the progression of the years, it is very possible that you are considering ways to regain your lost youthful complexion. You may already know that there are many options for reducing wrinkles and recovering youthful skin, and we recommend two options in particular for many of our patients. Botox and Dermal fillers are the giants of wrinkle treatments, but many of our patients wonder which of these treatments is right for them.

When choosing between Botox and Dermal fillers, you must understand that these are two drastically different treatments. While fillers reduce wrinkles by injecting substances that will help to make the skin more plump and tight, Botox works by stopping targeted muscles from contracting and causing wrinkles. What this difference means is that these treatments will not work on the same types of wrinkles.

To determine which treatment will work best for your wrinkles, you will first have to speak to your dermatologist to be sure you know which type of wrinkles you have. As a general rule, for most wrinkles caused by facial expressions such as crow’s eyes and furrowed brows, Botox is the best treatment. For wrinkles that are caused by sagging skin and the effects of gravity such as wrinkles on the cheeks, dermal fillers will be a more suitable treatment. Talk to us today to make sure you find the right treatment for you wrinkles.
How do lasers work to resurface and rejuvenate your skin?
Lasers are one of the most useful technological tools available today and they have found many uses in medicine and in other fields. Dermatology is just one of the many medical fields that has made use of lasers in our treatments for various problems. When addressing aging and minor cosmetic concerns, laser skin resurfacing can be a highly effective treatment.

Laser skin resurfacing can address many different skin problems, ranging from acne to wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of these problems while restoring rejuvenated skin. It does this much in the same way that a chemical peel does, only by using lasers rather than chemical treatments. The carefully calibrated laser will gently remove layers of dead and damaged skin so that fresh, new skin can be formed to give your face a younger appearance. Lasers can accomplish this by essentially vaporizing the outer layers of the skin, encouraging new skin growth at a faster rate that your body would naturally accomplish. In the days following a laser resurfacing treatment, the outer layers of skin will peel off, revealing fresh, youthful skin that will ideally have fewer blemishes and wrinkles.

When you are ready to experience a more youthful, nearly flawless complexion, talk to us about laser skin resurfacing and find out if this advanced treatment could work to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.
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