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Fight photoaging with healthy habits and therapies
Before you know it, the days will be shorter and the sun more elusive. While you’re trying to cram in as many outdoor activities as possible, don’t forget the broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or above. You can prevent the need for procedures to reverse the effects of unprotected sun exposure. You may notice more freckles, darker spots or larger age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. Exposure to ultraviolet light causes many other problems people tend to chalk up to normal aging:
  • Wrinkles and sagging arise when UV light from the sun’s rays and artificial sources (like tanning beds) damage elastin fibers in the skin. Elastin helps skin retain its shape after it’s been stretched.
  • Easy bruising and poor healing becomes more of a problem as UV breaks down beneficial proteins in the skin.
  • Visible blood vessels and broken capillaries are characteristics of photoaging, as is yellowing and thickening of the skin.
Photoaging prematurely ages you, especially if you smoke or are chronically exposed to environmental pollutants. Concerned about skin changes? Call us. There have never been more methods to treat these and other skin conditions. We can also discuss products that work to maintain the results from treatment.
Pointing out the wrinkles in Botox myths
Botox reigns as the most sought-after, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in the U.S. While more people are sharing their great experiences with Botox, old myths linger. Here we provide some truth:
  • Myth 1: Botox makes your face look frozen. Small amounts introduced to specific muscles preserve natural expression, resulting in softer lines without inhibiting muscle action. The obvious “frozen face” you may have seen on celebs happens when too much is injected.
  • Myth 2: Botox is risky. Botox is among the most well-researched cosmetic treatments available. Botox Cosmetic secured FDA approval in 2002, but its medical application goes back much further than that as a successful treatment for everything from excessive sweating to migraines. Complications such as droopy eyelids, crooked smiles, and dry eyes are very rare, and usually resolve in a few weeks.
  • Myth 3. Botox is for old ladies. Younger patients, including males, are driving Botox’s popularity. Look at Botox as prevention; a muscle that doesn’t contract can’t make the lines that result in a perpetually angry or tired look. Also, you may need less Botox over time as muscles are retrained.
Don’t dream it – derm it!

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Dr. Downie performing a Restylane refine around the eyes and Juvederm injections for her patient's lips!
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