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Why a dermatologist should be on every woman’s team
This month we celebrate International Women’s day! Every woman knows how tough it is to make it on her own, and most successful women know the importance of having a team to support them. Here are some of the reasons why every woman should have a dermatologist on her team!

Choosing the right products
Makeup and skin care are an important part of nearly every woman’s life, but not all makeup and skin care products are beneficial. Your dermatologist can be a great resource to figure out exactly what skin care products you should use for your skin type, as well as which makeup will be safest and most beneficial for your skin.

Ageless skin
Every woman wants to put off getting wrinkles as long as possible, and your dermatologist can help you figure out exactly how to do this. Establishing good dermatologist-recommended skin care habits early in life can keep your skin looking young for many years.

Hair and nail treatments
Hair loss, weak nails, and even volume-less eyelashes are all problems many women face at some point in their lives. A dermatologist is the expert who can help you overcome all these problems with medically and cosmetically beneficial treatments.

Skin cancer
Skin cancer is the top or second most common form of cancer in young women. Annual skin cancer screenings by your dermatologist are essential for fighting skin cancer.

Pamper yourself
Women work hard for themselves and even harder to take care of the people they love, but who stops to take care of them? Your dermatologist will be happy to pamper you with medically safe and cosmetically beneficial spa treatments to rejuvenate your skin and leave you looking and feeling refreshed.

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You can control rosacea. We can help you identify your triggers to make the right lifestyle changes and start prescription treatments. Give Beer Dermatology a call at (561) 600-4848 / (561) 430-2767 today.
Clinical Trials Expertise
The Beer Dermatology and Research Institute of the Southeast has conducted successful research and clinical trials on behalf of many well-known pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmeceutical, and medical device companies. Their upcoming studies are on Frown and Smile lines, and Sunspots (Actinic Keratosis).

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