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Smile! You’re in good hands with emergency dentistry
Aticle Banner American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the line “into each life some rain must fall.” The poem’s line has stuck with us to today, evolving into a common saying. Unfortunately, a lot of time, that “rain” seems to come when we have no umbrella to protect us. For many of us out there, our rain is a dental emergency. Tooth, gum, and jaw pain can be some of the worst pain an individual endures. Washington Street Dentistry, located in Indianapolis, IN, is committed to our patients. We offer emergency tooth care. Our experienced dentist and staff have seen just about every situation occur. Let us relieve your pain!

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Brush up on your brushing technique
As we get older and brushing our teeth has become an old habit, we might be surprised to find that our brushing habits are less than effective. Here are some expert tips from your dentist to make sure you are brushing your teeth right.

You should brush your teeth twice a day, ideally in the morning and before bed, for around two minutes. Experts also recommend that you wait around 30 minutes after eating to brush, especially if you eat sugary or acidic food and drinks. For optimal health, swish with water after eating or chew sugarless gum during the day to remove food particles.

You should be using a new toothbrush every 3 or 4 months. Make sure you pick a toothbrush that has soft bristles and fits comfortably in your mouth so you can reach every area of your mouth easily.

During your two minute brushing time, you should follow these techniques.
  1. Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste
  2. Brush at a 45-degree angle from your gums
  3. Don’t let the bristles bend - hold the toothbrush like you would a pencil
  4. Use short, tooth-length strokes to brush
  5. Brush front, top and back surfaces of the teeth thoroughly hitting all crevices
  6. Switch to vertical, up-and-down strokes for the inside surfaces of your teeth
  7. Brush your tongue gently a few times from back to front only
Healthy summer snacks for your teeth
Summer is a great time for picnics, barbecues and festivals full of junk food, so how can you enjoy all these yummy summer activities while keeping your teeth healthy? Here are some dentist-approved snacks you can load up on wherever you go.

Water - While not exactly a snack, if you swap out that soda or energy drink for a cool glass of water, your teeth will thank you, and you may find that your overall health improves as well.

Dairy - Choose a low-fat dairy product for your next snack and you’ll be building strong, healthy teeth and bones. Milk, cheese and yogurt are all great healthy, filling snacks.

Nuts - Nuts are a great snack because they are tasty and are often full of essential protein, minerals and fats and they can fill you up while keeping your teeth clean and free of cavities unlike carbohydrate-rich snacks.

Fruit and Vegetables - Pick your favorite fruits and veggies as a quick, healthy snack and you’ll find that they double as a natural toothbrush during the day to clean the surfaces of your teeth as you chew them.

Lean protein - Chewing on some good lean protein such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs is great for your teeth and provides essential phosphorus and protein.

Try sticking to these snacks this summer, and you may find that it’s not just your teeth that stay healthy all summer but that your whole body will benefit from these snacks.
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Smile Transformation
Smile Transformations

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No dental anxiety is too great for sleep dentistry to relieve. If your fears have been keeping you from needed dental care, give us a call today on (317) 333-6788 and learn more about sleep dentistry.
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