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Professional whitening to porcelain crowns – What treatment is best for you?
Aticle Banner At Washington Street Dentistry, Indianapolis, IN area patients can obtain a wide range of dental solutions including general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. For those who are looking to upgrade the appearance of their smile, we have several cosmetic dental treatment options available. You can enhance your smile with one or more treatments depending on the specific concerns that you have with your smile. Our dentist, Dr. Matthew Church, will assess your smile and speak to you to learn more about what you would like to change, as well as your preferences and budget.

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Mouth-guards for protection when playing sports
Summer is the time for some fun and fantastic outdoor activities. Children and adults both enjoy summer sports, but one has to be careful during these activities as some of them including varieties of contact sports such as ball games could pose some dangers too, especially to your face and teeth. Sports activities such as soccer, basketball and softball place the players directly in line for rough contact and tough impact.

While mouth-guards and face masks are not deemed mandatory in any of these sports, their use may be a good idea to protect oneself, especially for those wearing costly dental works such as braces. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, mouth-guards annually prevent over 200,000 injuries. They can protect the wearer against tooth damage, cuts in the mouth and jaw injuries.

There are several types of mouth-guards:
  • Stock mouth-guard – It is the cheapest option and it can be bought from a pharmacy or sporting goods store. It’s bought ‘off the shelf’, thus not especially designed for the user and has limited adjustment but is better than being unprotected.
  • Mouth-formed protectors - These are ‘boil-and-bite’ products which can be bought from sporting goods stores. The shell is lined with acrylic or rubber. When the guard is placed in the mouth, the protector's lining material molds to the teeth and sets.
Custom-made mouth protectors – This is the most expensive, but best choice as it’s customized by a dentist. It’s made to fit one’s teeth and offers the best fit, comfort and protection.
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Smile Transformation

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