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Nitrous oxide v. oral conscious sedation – What’s right for you?
Aticle Banner At Washington Street Dentistry, Dr. Matthew Church and his staff are committed to providing the best possible dental care in the area of Indianapolis, IN. This includes providing ways to feel at ease and comfortable before and during the appointment. Patients who have dental fears and anxieties are often interested in learning more about dental practices that provide sedation. This is way for our patients to feel less anxious during their visit and be relaxed as they receive the dental care they require for healthy, beautiful smiles.

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Stress has a bearing on our oral health
We all know that stress plays a big role in our physical and mental health. For instance, it’s common knowledge that stress leads to high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, insomnia, fatigue and many other aches and pains, besides increasing anxiety and anger. But did you know that stress could have a bearing on our teeth too?

Yes, it could result in clenching or grinding of the teeth, known as bruxism, which is a common dental problem. If left untreated for long, bruxism can cause chipped or flattened teeth, headaches, and tight jaw muscles. These problems could get worse due to improper bite and the breakdown of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the skull to the jawbone.

Another scientific study found a relationship between stress and periodontal disease, which comprises gum and tissue infections like gingivitis among other problems. Another recent study found that participants with more perceived stress suffer from poorer oral health and greater oral pain than participants who had lower stress levels. It’s believed that cortisol—a hormone which triggers the body’s stress response—negatively affects the immune system, making a person more prone to gum disease. Since Cortisol suppresses the immune system, bacteria can also flourish in the mouth.

This cycle could go on for a prolonged period of time as a stressed out person may not have the inclination to focus on their oral health. Solutions may come in the form of stress management techniques and exercises, which may work on different individuals in different ways.
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