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SEPTEMBER 2017 Newsletter
Back-to-school Means Back-to-the-dentist!
Is your kid’s smile back-to-school ready? If you haven’t scheduled that check-up, beat the rush. You’ll be getting your child off to a great start for the school year.
  • Routine exams are key to preventing the most common chronic childhood disease: cavities.
  • A healthy mouth promotes academic success. Dental disease was responsible for more than 51 million missed school hours last year.
  • Promote well-being. A child who is happy about his or her smile is generally more confident and has an active social life. Oral health problems also contribute to speech impediments, such as lisps, which can adversely impact your child’s self-esteem.
Mind the time of day that you schedule your child’s visit. Don’t book during his or her regular naptime or right after a long or busy day, such as following day camp.

Scheduling children’s appointments back-to-back may be a good idea, because the child who’s most positive about dental visits can serve as a “role model” for his or her sibling. Let us lead the conversation if you’re not sure how to calm your little one’s nerves. We’re here for the whole family.
Sensitivity Towards Children’s Dental Needs
Dentistry is something new to every child, and the experience can be somewhat frightening. By understanding the unique needs of young patients, our staff works hard to make dentistry fun and positive. Our friendly staff is gentle and upbeat, keeping in mind the sensitivities of the pediatric patient. It is our hope to enable each child we see to develop a positive attitude towards oral health and dentistry that lasts a lifetime. Our family friendly dental practice in Hanford, California provides the various services your family needs to enjoy truly healthy smiles. From x-rays and exams to cleanings and preventive treatments to fillings and crowns, you can count on the very best from Hanford Family Dental Care.

Choosing a dental office for your family takes a great deal of consideration. You want to feel comfortable and confident that the various members of your family will be treated with personal service and the highest ethical standards.

Toothy testaments

"I highly recommend this office for anyone seeking a new dental experience. Every visit that I've made to this office has been very positive! The staff are friendly, professional and will provide several reminders for your appointments so that you won't miss them. The dentists are thorough and pleasant ensuring that you have the best possible service. And if those reasons aren't enough to check them out, the office itself is lovely and equipped with complimentary refreshments and televisions even while you're getting a cleaning! You will be very satisfied and with all of those perks, even one bad experience still won't prevent you from returning. Give your smile the treatment it deserves and check out Hanford Family Dental! "

~ Tiffany W (July 2017)

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Hanford Family Dental Center helps new patients get oral health back on track!

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