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Scientists Discovered The “Allergy Cell” That May Be To Blame For Your Symptoms
As your allergy and asthma specialists, we follow the latest research, knowing someday it could benefit you or a loved one. We’re pretty excited about the discovery of an “allergy cell” by researchers at Seattle’s Virginia Mason Medical Center Benaroya Research Institute. This breakthrough opens the door for identifying dangerous allergies among the youngest children, and for super-effective therapies. Disruptive or scary complications may become a thing of the past, along with relapses that arise even after years of responsive treatment.

Th2A: The allergy cell
This special form of immune cell Th2 was isolated in individuals with peanut, pollen, mold, dander, and dust mite allergies — but wasn’t present among non-allergic people. Researchers also discovered a method to identify the handful of “bad cells” from the million-plus white blood cells in just a milliliter of blood. Trying to pinpoint the bad has been compared to locating a single person out of 700,000 people! These findings could mean:
  • Accurate monitoring of existing therapies for effectiveness
  • New therapies to destroy or stop targeted cells
  • Accurate tests to identify Th2A among pediatric patients
Research holds promise, but we know you want relief now. If you have questions about managing your symptoms, call us!
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