September Newsletter 2017
Acing The Interview
Article 1 Image In a recent survey by the popular dating service,, 71 percent of women and 60 percent of men cited good teeth as the most important factor for a potential date. That insight supports a great deal of earlier research indicating the significance of an attractive, healthy-looking smile to employment success, as well.

Sperling’s Best Places reveals positive job growth in the Encino area – up 1.37 percent this year and expected to increase by 37.25 percent over the next ten years. If you will be one of the candidates considered for a new position or a promotion, now is the time to get your smile in interview-ready form.

Since 1984, Dr. Paul O’Malley has been helping patients achieve healthy, appealing smiles that contribute to life quality. From ultra-thin cosmetic veneers to full mouth reconstruction utilizing the least invasive, biomimetic techniques, no case is too complex. With dental implants, dentures, and a broad range of other services, you, too, can have a winning smile.

Encino is hiring. A smile makeover consultation at Teeth for Life Natural Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry could put your resume at the top of the pile. Call 818-616-8838.
It's Time To Confront Your Mouth On A Gradient
Article 2 Image Implants have become a highly sought-after form of restorative care. Clearly, there are innumerable benefits to the replacement of teeth and their roots. However, not every person is well suited to this procedure. Many of our holistically minded patients actually prefer to avoid having anything foreign inserted into the body. In all situations, we accommodate patient wishes and work to achieve the desired outcome.

Toothy Testaments
Toothy Testaments

We Love creating healthy smiles for quality life!
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