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How do I find relief for TMJ Disorder?
Many dentists who treat disorders of the temporomandibular joint, the hinge that connects your skull and jaw, are limited in their treatment options. They may rely on oral appliance therapy with splints or mouthguards. While such conventional options are available at Ramsin K. Davoud DDS, they are only prescribed after a thorough evaluation of the cause of your distressing symptoms, and after ruling out alternative treatments. Due to Dr. Davoud’s extensive, advanced training and commitment to investing in the latest technologies, there are numerous alternative treatment options that can be your answer to how to find relief for TMJ disorder in Turlock, CA.

Relief starts with an accurate diagnosis

When combined with Dr. Davoud’s knowledge, the K7 Evaluation System offers a powerful tool to accurately diagnose and assess your condition. The system’s process largely involves:
  • Assessing how your jaw and supportive tissues are positioned
  • Evaluating imbalance within the jaw
  • Tracking the amount of force that each tooth places on the joints and surrounding structures
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How to limit fluoride exposure
Community water fluoridation programs were launched in USA in the 1940s, and since then our exposure to this chemical has increased drastically. We now have fluoride not only in our water, but also in dental materials, and other products containing this substance.

It’s believed that fluoride exposure may affect almost every organ in our bodies. Therefore, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) has recommended that policies be introduced to reduce and limit fluoride, to promote dental and overall health.

Although people may want to limit fluoride exposure, they may not know how to do so. Here are some steps to take to reach this goal:
  1. Know where fluoride comes from - To avoid fluoride, you should first know what contains it. Apart from water and dental products, certain foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, clothing, carpeting, cookware, fertilizers and pesticides are sources of this mineral.
  2. Demand labels and more information - Most people are not aware of which products and items contain fluoride. To change this and increase awareness, people should demand better labeling and informed consumer consent regulations.
  3. Change habits – Make lifestyle changes towards better diet, healthy oral practices, and similar goals to minimize cavities and tooth decay. Food and beverages made of fluoridated water should also be changed in favor of healthier options, especially those intended for children.
  4. Get involved in the community – Apart from effecting these changes at individual level, take them to the community. Increase awareness and lobby governments towards policy changes.

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