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AUGUST Newsletter 2017
Read This Before You Fly With Your Pet
Air travel can be stressful for even the most frequent fliers. Imagine how overwhelming it may be to your pet! First things first, consider if flying is the best option for your pet. He or she may feel more comfortable on the road in a familiar vehicle without the sensory overload and change accompanying the airport experience. Also, if friends or other family members aren’t available to watch your furry family member, ask us for recommendations on professional pet-sitters and boarding.

If you must fly:
  • Check in with us. Many airlines request documentation, including recent vaccinations. Review your airline’s specific requirements. We’ll talk through considerations such as hydration and address all concerns.
  • If your pet is traveling by carrier, make sure it’s airline-approved. Many airlines show images of approved containers and provide specifics on crates, much as they do carry-on luggage. The carrier should always be well-labeled, especially if your pet must travel as cargo.
Airport amenities can make all the difference for your pet. Check for airport relief stations, pee patches, or even grassy areas and playrooms. Sometimes security facilities take pet passengers into account by offering animal inspection rooms that provide some relief for frightened and stressed-out pets.

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Boarding for Pets!
Our community veterinary facility is equipped to provide your pet with a clean, safe, and fun environment when they cannot be home with you! Our clients feel comfortable with our boarding services knowing that a board-certified doctor and loving staff are in close proximity to kennels on a daily basis.

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