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Teeth whitening: do-it-yourself or leave it to the pros?
Teeth whitening with lemons? Baking soda? Those trendy charcoal pastes? R Dentists urge caution when trying homemade recipes that are a few keystrokes away. Ingredients commonly used in DIY “whiteners” carry unique risks:
  • Lemons — Naturally acidic, citrus fruits should not be used as a scrub because acids wear away teeth’s protective enamel.
  • Baking soda — A common product in many commercial toothpastes, soda is abrasive and brushing with it can damage hard and soft tissues.
  • Activated charcoal — Your teeth may look more yellow when you scrub with roughly-textured ingredients, because they abrade the outer layer of your teeth, exposing the naturally darker dentin layer underneath.
Drs. Nakul and Navin Ratra recommend teeth whitening with good hygiene and professional treatments tailored to your needs. Since tooth enamel contains pores that hold stain-producing molecules, it’s important to brush teeth diligently and regularly. Professional cleaning removes hardened plaque that can’t be removed with your toothbrush alone. If you suffer from stubborn surface or intrinsic stains, the doctors may suggest safe and effective whitening methods or procedures such as veneers. Reveal your white smile, safely. Call 289-768-7876.
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