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Root canal removal advised for sound oral health
Did you know that 15 million root canals are carried out in the country every year? That is a whopping 41,000 done every day. In fact, it’s one of the most common dental procedures, performed in the belief that it saves teeth that have decayed and need extraction.

However, the root canal procedure has its own problems. It renders a tooth ‘dead’ by removing its decayed parts including the pulp containing nerves and blood vessels. This anaerobic environment will attract microorganisms which will proliferate there, without the patient even feeling it as the nerves are also dead. These microorganisms can spread through the body via the bloodstream and cause serious health problems.

Holistic dentistry believes that health can be restored when these root canals are removed. These dead teeth can be extracted and replaced with biocompatible zirconia/ceramic implants. The root is replaced with an implant, which is surgically inserted and fused with the jawbone. A crown is placed on the implant as the tooth. This would be a strong, functional, and aesthetic replacement for the root canal without its adverse effects, and would rid the mouth of the bacterial breeding ground. Partial dentures, or bridges made of biocompatible material are alternatives.

Ozone therapy in holistic dentistry has made root canal removal even more effective as this natural and non-toxic gas works wonders in destroying bacteria and viruses, and their unhealthy byproducts.

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