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Benefits of the Natural Dentist in Safe Amalgam Removal and Gentle Teeth Cleaning in Clearwater FL
On your path to oral health and wellness, Natural Dentistry’s alternatives to conventional techniques and instruments restore your teeth, gums, and body to the vigor and wellbeing that you deserve.

Just because a dental material or technique has been used for decades, doesn’t make it healthy. In fact, “silver” fillings may be at the root of conditions that have nothing to do with your mouth – from immunological to neurological problems. Likewise, advancements in dental technologies have resulted in better, gentler, and precise ways to protect oral health and resolve gum troubles. Amalgam Removal and Teeth Cleaning in Clearwater FL at the office of Natural Dentistry represent superior approaches to routine dental procedures in terms of safety, comfort, and lasting health.

Amalgam Fillings Removal

A member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, Dr. Carlson is committed to the use of biocompatible dental materials, those non-toxic products that “get along well” in your body. Since dental amalgams used to “fill in” cavities contain 49 to 54% elemental mercury by weight, Natural Dentistry can’t endorse their use. Moreover, we and the IAOMT are educating the millions of people with so-called “silver” fillings about the harm they’re doing in their mouths. After the mercury filling is placed, it doesn’t simply do the “job “of restoring smile functionality as intended. Instead, fillings release a known toxin in the form of mercury vapor, which may be inhaled and absorbed by your lungs. Mercury vapors can pass through cell membranes, cross the blood-brain barrier, and enter your central nervous system. So, they absolutely have no business in your mouth.

Selecting an authentically natural and biological dentist to remove mercury fillings is a must. The process of removing mercury poses additional risks if not done right. Without proper safeguards in place, the act of drilling out amalgam frees mercury vapors and fine particles, that can be absorbed by patients and dental staff, and threaten the environment. For this reason, the IAOMT has developed a protocol to remove amalgam fillings. Natural Dentistry is proud to be both “mercury-free” and “mercury-safe,” thanks to the investments we’ve made in the health of our staff, patients, and planet.

When your old mercury fillings are replaced with lovely, tissue-friendly composite resin restorations, you’ll get peace of mind from the following safeguards (a partial list):
  • Glasses protect your eyes from mercury particulates and vapors.
  • A mask placed over your nose delivers oxygen to minimize the risks of breathing in dangerous vapors.
  • Cooling is applied as the filling is drilled out to contain the heat that significantly increases mercury exposure during treatment.
  • A rubber dam protects you from swallowing mercury, and specialized clean-up and high-volume evacuator devices pull particles away in your mouth and as they go airborne.
Products (like powdered charcoal) to absorb particles combine with skilled techniques (like removing amalgam in large chunks to minimize exposure). So, you know your journey to wellness will be smooth, safe, and is in good hands.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional cleanings are considered to be a foundation of oral health. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Carlson and the team also know oral health is a foundation for overall wellness. How teeth are cleaned, like how cavities are filled, can vary considerably from office to office. Cleanings traditionally involved a curette or scaler that scrapes at sticky plaque and stubborn tartar around your gums and between your teeth. You can actually hear and feel the scraping! For patients with inflamed gums, this process can be particularly unsettling. There is a better way to prevent the need for restorative dental and periodontal work, painlessly: the AIRFLOW® Master Piezon.

Natural Dentistry’s hygienists use three tools as part of the AIRFLOW® system for pain-free, precision cleanings:
  • Original AIRFLOW® - A mix of compressed air, water, and a fine sodium bicarbonate or glycine polish is delivered via a handpiece passed over teeth and in periodontal pockets up to 5 mm deep. Bacterial biofilms, stains, and tartar are removed even in hard-to-reach places, and without invasive scraping. Also polishes in one step!
  • PERIOFLOW® - A specialized nozzle tip gently and safely delivers the therapeutic air-water-powder mixture to periodontal and peri-implant pockets of up to 9 mm deep, without aggressive scaling methods.
  • PIEZON® - Calculus and mineralized deposits below the gums and in deep pockets of up to 10 mm are removed without pain and noise. Its unique oscillating action facilitates movements that align with the tooth, unlike other scalers that oscillate at an angle, which produces pain.
Natural Dentistry’s patients say their mouths have never felt cleaner, and they’ve never been healthier thanks to no-pain, super-clean technologies and safe mercury removal techniques. Call 727-888-6929 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carlson, Dr. Gilton or Dr. Boswell, and experience dentistry as it should be – natural and healthy!

They keep teeth happy with safe removal of amalgam fillings, painless cleaning in Clearwater FL. Call Natural Dentistry at 727-888-6929.
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