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EMS AIR-FLOW Master Piezon, the breakthrough technology in dental hygiene
Hygiene is an element which should take top priority at any dental office. It takes an important place in the day-to-day routine of an oral care clinic, with teeth and gum cleanings occupying a top spot among the procedures carried out.

Without the removal of food particles from the mouth, harmful bacteria and plaque could develop. These bacteria release dangerous toxins, which not only create an unpleasant oral environment, but travel all over the body, wreaking havoc on other organs too.

Meanwhile, plaque could harden into tartar or calculus and become extremely difficult to remove, with gingivitis and gum disease developing as a consequence. Only a dentist’s intervention would save your oral health from further deterioration.

Among the tools used to remove plaque were the curette and high frequency vibration devices. Much preferred at modern dentals is the AIR-FLOW Master Piezon FT-200, an advanced technology introduced by Electro Medical Systems (EMS).

This Swiss-made desktop device directs a jet of compressed air, water and powder particles on to the tooth surface to remove debris and polish the surface. It enables hygienists to remove plaque and stains from even the smallest and inaccessible areas of the mouth without injuring enamel or gums.

AIR-FLOW Master Piezon’s advantages
  • Precise
  • Quick and efficient
  • Noiseless
  • Reliable and flexible
  • Minimally invasive
  • Comfortable and painless for patient
  • Comfortable for hygienist
  • Results in super clean and great tasting mouth
The EMS AIR-FLOW Master Piezon FT-200 is standard technology at Natural Dentistry in Clearwater, Florida. Call 727-888-6929 to book an appointment with Dr. Carlson, Dr. Gilton or Dr. Boswell.

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