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JULY 2017 Newsletter
Make Stress Go Bust: Your mouth thanks you!
Dr. Rina and the team hope you are living the spirit of the summer. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of leisure travel, weddings, and family reunions. Sometimes we must make time to do nothing!

Acknowledging the importance of mindfulness and relaxation, no detail was overlooked in the design of our dental spa — down to complimentary refreshments while you wait. A pleasant experience is the perfect antidote to dental fear. We also live and breathe stress-busting! Stress isn’t just bad for your heart or psyche; it wreaks havoc on teeth and gums.
  • Your immune system takes a hit. When this happens, you’re at risk of developing infections including cold sores and gum disease.
  • Teeth-grinding doesn’t just occur while you sleep. You may also unknowingly clench your teeth while on-the-job or dealing with family matters. Bruxism damages enamel and contributes to headaches and jaw pain.
  • When the day spirals, it’s easy to reach for quick “feel-good” foods. But starchy, sugary, and acidic snacks and drinks promote tooth decay.
Each threat to your good health has an answer at Dr. Rina’s office, be it a custom night-guards to protect teeth from grinding, or suggestions for tooth-friendly snacking.
What you should consider when Choosing a Mouth guard?
There are pre-made mouthguards, fitted “boil and bite” mouthguards, and those made at a dental practice. Whichever one you choose, you want to make sure that it is comfortable, fits tightly, does not tear, and is easy to keep clean.

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Patient Testimonial
"A great, professional, patient and kind doctor. My children and I enjoyed very much having our dental procedures with Dr Kotecha and her staff. I would recommend Dr Kotecha to anyone who is looking for professional and efficient dental care."

Nadia S. (June 2017)

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