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Let light in to relieve your psoriasis symptoms
Aticle Banner It’s estimated 2 to 3 percent of the world’s population live with psoriasis. But, there is relief from the burning, itching, and inflammation: effective and tailored treatment for psoriasis in Rockville, MD at the state-of-the-art Washington Dermatology Center.


Mild to moderate psoriasis may be improved with topical medications that reduce inflammation and scaling, relieve itching, and slow cell growth. Washington Dermatology Center’s skilled clinical team use their experience and knowledge to customize a treatment plan that works, while minimizing the risks of side effects such as skin color changes.

If you have moderate to severe psoriasis, several biologics are approved for treatment. These drugs alter the immune system, are usually injectable, and may be an option should other therapies fail (or for those with psoriatic arthritis).

Some drugs may be combined. Also, products can lose effectiveness over time. Likewise, those that haven’t worked in the past can become effective as time passes. You may cycle through different options.

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Find relief from acne through a dermatologist
Acne is a very common skin problem. It can appear on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. You may be able to cover up a rash on the arm or chest with clothing, but it will be hard to cover the blemishes and bumps that appear on the face that result from acne. Acne can also be painful. They can make you self-conscious and affect your mood. Acne occurs when pores get clogged with dead skin cells and oil. People of all ages can be affected with acne but there are many treatments that can help. Your dermatologist can help you find the best treatment option for you. Pimples will eventually go away but when lots of outbreaks occur, the skin problem causing it will not typically go away. If you do not find appropriate treatment, you can even end up with scars.

Lotion gel, creams soap that contains certain ingredients can help in controlling acne. You can use a combination of oral medication with lotions or creams to treat acne. You can continue to use these treatments if your skin clears up. You should stick to the treatment until your doctor asks you to stop. This can also help in stopping acne from coming back. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the first treatments that will be tried out by acne patients. You should be patient as it can take even weeks to see results from the medication. Sometimes your acne may become worse before getting better.
Visit a dermatologist for healthy and younger looking skin
There are many factors that affect the way your skin ages. They can be your daily habits, your genes, and even the environment. The best strategy that you can follow to keep your skin young is by preventive methods.

You need to protect your skin from the sun to maintain healthy skin. You should avoid visiting tanning salons and stop sunbathing. You can even consider wearing protective clothing to shield your skin from the sun. You can use a sunscreen lotion to help protect your skin for the UV light produced by the sun and consider a broad-spectrum product that will provide UVA and UVB protection. If you feel that your skin is dry, you can use a humidifier at home. Try to use soap less but use a moisturizing lotion. You can consult with a dermatologist if the concerns persist.

Early signs of aging can be treated with vitamin C, retinoid, and alpha hydroxy acids. Moderate and severe facial sun damage can be treated with more advanced treatments using dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and ultrasound imaging devices.

Deeper facial lines may need to be treated using fillers and botulinum toxin. The filler may consist of hyaluronic acid, gore-tex implants, or even your own fat. Some people may want to go for surgery that includes a brow lift, facelift or cosmetic surgery on the eyelids. If you are considering these options, you can schedule a consultation with your surgeon and discuss your goals and benefits.
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Most people are not aware that psoriasis could badly affect the joints. Learn how you can protect your skin and your joints by visiting us on

As we age, we lose facial volume. Combined with gravity, this results in sagging skin, making us look older. Check out how dermal fillers help restore facial volume
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