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How to get rid of frown lines with Botox
Aticle Banner Botox is a neuromodulator that has been in use for many years. At Washington Dermatology Center in Frederick, our skilled professionals can get rid of your frown lines with Botox quickly and easily.
  • After a consultation to determine that Botox is right for you, the treatment can be done quickly - usually within 30 minutes or less!
  • A very fine needle is used for your comfort
  • Only the exact amount of product that is necessary is injected into precise locations for natural-looking, beautiful results
When you use Botox to smooth frown lines or other lines and wrinkles on your face, you will need to return for maintenance injections over time, usually every three to six months. However, as your muscles maintain their relaxed state, your skin has time to heal and naturally rebuild collagen in the treatment areas, which can help prevent those wrinkles from forming again. This means that you need fewer maintenance treatments and less product over time.

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Keep your skin soft and moisturized in Fall season
As we reach the middle of the Fall season, with the weather starting to get dry and humidity decreasing, we are assaulted by a barrage of skin problems. As we approach winter, our skin will start to get so dry that even the slightest scratch or bruise will show clearly. The skin will lose its glow, moisture and suppleness, and resemble parchment paper in more ways than one.

It is generally during October that these signs start appearing on our skin. They get worse towards December and January. The skin feels dry and devoid of any moisture, and itchy. Even scratching and bleeding may be noticed.

Most people would see the need to keep their skin soft and supple during this time of the year with more hydration. The best advice to be given in such an instance is to drink plenty of water to keep the overall system hydrated and to use a high quality moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying out and becoming flaky.

An important step is to prevent skin allergies during this season as an allergy may make the skin itchier and therefore vulnerable to scratching, which would result in bleeding, injuries, and scars. Keeping the skin clean and refreshed with regular cleaning using a mild and soothing cleanser is also important. Never leave your moisturizer behind; keep it ready for use as and when required. With plenty of sleep and rest, your skin will become soft, supple and refreshed.

Caring for the skin in fall/autumn is important to recover from the damage caused over summer and to be ready for the harsh winter. A good skincare routine will see you through.
Looking out for skin problems faced by elders
Amongst other health issues, elderly people may face a number of different skin issues. Skin problems need attention too because as we age, our skin undergoes a lot of changes. Some of these are:
  • Dry or rough skin
  • Loose facial skin, especially around cheeks, eyes, and jawline
  • Bruising easily due to less elasticity
  • Transparent or thinner skin
  • Benign growths like cherry angiomas and seborrheic keratoses

The following are some common skin conditions which occur in older people:
  • Wrinkles - form when the skin loses its flexibility and also due to overexposure to the sun.
  • Facial movement lines (laugh/worry lines) - Become more visible as skin loses elasticity. They are common close to the forehead, temples, upper cheeks, mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Dry and itching skin – Due to the loss of oil glands (which keep the skin soft).
  • Skin cancer - UV radiation from sun exposure is a common cause of pre-cancerous conditions and skin cancers, ex. squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma
  • Age spots - Brown patches appearing on sun-exposed body parts (face, hands, and forearms)
  • Bedsores - Also known as pressure ulcers, they develop when people lie in bed or sit in a chair in the same position for a long time. Those with difficulty in moving and diabetics are more vulnerable.
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