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UV Safety Month: A reminder to keep skin healthy, youthful
There is no time like the present to slather on that sunscreen. July is a natural fit for UV Safety Month. Your dermatology team wants you to have the happiest, healthiest summer, and those sunny times should carry over to the rest of the year. It’s estimated up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds. Overcast days aren’t an excuse to skip your broad-spectrum protection!

  • Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the main cause of skin cancer. Don’t take them lightly.
  • UV light is also responsible for premature aging. Don’t become wrinkly and spotted before your time!
  • Tanning beds and sunlamps may be artificial sources, but they are no safer than the “real thing.” In fact, Harvard researchers report fluorescent bulbs from tanning beds mostly emit UVA rays. This type of radiation is up to three times more intense than natural sunlight.
  • Pass the message on! Kids mimic your good habits. Likewise, encourage teachers, administrators, and youth and community leaders to spread the word.
We’re all in this together! Also, if it’s been awhile since your last skin check, call us.
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" My experience at Dr. Prussick's office was delightful, the staff is very competent and willing to help patients at all time. Dr. Prussick knows what he is doing and he answers all my questions. "

~ John.
Check your partner’s skin, check yourself
Did you know??? Skin cancer is highly preventable. It’s also highly curable when detected early. Yet, it’s estimated less than one-third of Americans examine their skin for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Plus, more than half of Americans don’t know what to look for when it comes to melanoma.

As your partners in health, the dermatology team hopes you’re already on a regular schedule of skin checks. When you can’t be at the office, we recommend checking your skin at home. Remember: “Check your partner. Check yourself.” You may notice anomalies on a loved one that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see, even with monthly examinations at home. Think of your “ABCDE’s” when checking skin:
  • A - Asymmetrical spots
  • B - Borders that aren’t clearly defined
  • C - Colors that are varied, such as black and tan growth
  • D - Diameter of more than 6 millimeters, about the size of a pencil eraser
  • E - Evolving shapes, sizes, colors, or other changes like sudden itching
If you’re confused about what to look for, just ask! And when in doubt about any changes, call immediately. Don’t wait for your next pre-scheduled appointment.
Dr Ron Prussick gives an Educational Webinar on Nail Psoriasis

Approximately 50 percent of patients with psoriasis have some nail involvement. Nail psoriasis can be difficult to treat and has a significant effect on quality of life. Our free Nail Psoriasis Webinar seeks to educate patients and caregivers about the most up-to-date information on symptoms, treatment options and research.

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