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A4 implants - the most trustworthy solution for missing teeth
You may have been recommended dentures for the loss of many or even all your teeth, by your dentist. But all the horror stories you have heard about them - how uncomfortable they are, how it’s difficult to eat certain foods while wearing them, and how they tend to slip sometimes causing much embarrassment and discomfort to the wearer – have made you shy away from them. But are these stories true? Not necessarily. You can avoid all the risks attached if you opt for the highly reliable A4 Complete implant solution!

Although removable dentures have been in use for over fifty years, they have been posing some inherent problems in the past, as mentioned above. Most of these problems have been eliminated over time, and with the new ‘all on 4’ dental implants, you certainly have a reason to smile.

The difference with these dentures is that they have four dental implants, providing more stability to the gums and overall structure. Experienced dentists use advanced technology and precision techniques to place the implants in such a way that they provide the highest support. The implants supply the bone with stimulation too, thereby preserving the jawbone for the long term and doing away with the need for bone grafts, which was a feature with most previous dentures. Previous dentures also required at least six dental implants to provide stability, and a full restoration would have taken about one year.

The A4 All-on-Four method requires a much shorter time as computer-guided techniques have made the insertion process much simpler and convenient. The process has become much more comfortable too with only local anesthesia being used on most patients. The dentist would consider sedation upon the patient’s request.

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