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Relax, Baby . . . It’s Just A Trip To The Dentist
Childhood dental care is essential to your baby’s oral development, and ultimately his or her whole-body wellness. Here are tips to get little ones started on the right path, or to help apprehensive kids overcome fears.
  • Start at one year of age or when the first tooth comes in. The first few visits are vital in developing a sense of comfort with the dental team, atmosphere, and having the mouth touched.
  • Young children do not need a lot of detail about what to expect. They do need no-nonsense reinforcement that dental visits are simply part of taking care of the body – like eating and having baths.
  • Stay away from fear trigger words like hurt, pain, and shot. Instead, use upbeat terms – healthy, clean, strong.
  • Take turns pretending to be the patient and the dentist, as you count and learn to brush teeth. But please no make-believe drill noises or instruments!
  • Don’t get excited if there is some fussing. It is not unusual, and a seasoned pediatric dentist will handle it gently.
Most importantly, choose the right dentist. Dr. Sona Isharani is a Board-certified pediatric dentist. She has extensive training in handling little mouths and minds for drama-free visits. Call 336-804-8668 to schedule.
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How Important Are “Baby Teeth?”
“I won’t worry about it – it’s only a baby tooth.” The thought goes through nearly every parent’s mind at some point. After all, these little teeth are just going to fall out anyway, right? While it is true that your child will lose most primary teeth by the age of 13, there are many reasons to keep them healthy meanwhile.
  • Primary teeth form a path that permanent teeth will follow. Simply extracting baby teeth can affect alignment later.
  • Secondary teeth forming under the gums can be damaged by untreated decay in baby teeth.
  • Your child needs healthy teeth to speak clearly and eat nutritious foods.
  • Toothaches are no fun!
  • In this age of selfies, even young children are conscious of appearance. Bad teeth can be a big blow to self-esteem.
Fortunately, most baby-tooth problems can be prevented with good home hygiene and a little professional help. As a Board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Sona Isharani recommends dental sealants and fluoride treatments to avert cavities. A simple habit appliance can stop thumb-sucking, and mouthguards help older kids avoid dental injuries. Call Sona J. Isharani, DDS at 336-804-8668 for more good advice on helping your child enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, gorgeous smile.
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