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Lake Sebec looks striking, and so do smiles at Dr. Matarazzo’s office
We’re fortunate to live within day-trip distance of so many natural beauties, like Maine’s Lake Sebec. And we’re honored to think that many of our patients feel fortunate to be within easy distance of our office.

So how is visiting Lake Sebec like visiting Dr. Matarazzo’s office?

In short, both are totally relaxing. Both a visit to the lake and to your friendly dental team offers a cool and fun experience. In both cases, you look forward to going back. And, just like the lake is beautiful, the smiles that Dr. Matarazzo creates are amazingly beautiful. Here is a dispatch “from the road,” courtesy of Dr. Steve … “The lake was Lake Sebec. Picture it: No cell phone service, in the middle of nowhere. In fact, we lost service three miles from our destination — at night and with no GPS. Needless to say, it was both a challenge and a recipe for a lot of laughs. It took us an hour to go that last mile. The roads weren’t paved, there were no street lights, and very few signs, but we made it! The destination and the journey itself was well worth-it. Why were we visiting such a remote area? My sister Ann’s son, Christopher, was getting married. As you might imagine, there are more stories where this comes from. We’ll be sharing those in an upcoming newsletter. — Dr. Stephen Matarazzo”
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