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Guide to birth control options for women in Katy, TX
Aticle Banner What is the best birth control method? It seems like a simple question, and it is one that we are asked frequently here at Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine in Katy, TX. However, there isn’t a universal answer.

Birth control options

There are many forms of birth control, some of the most popular include:
  • Surgical sterilization – This is usually the best choice for couple seeking a permanent birth control solution. For women, tubal ligation prevents eggs from moving to the uterus. For men, a vasectomy procedure prevents sperm from leaving the body.
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Three tips for mastering your morning sickness
Pregnancy can be a joyous experience, but morning sickness can make it seem like a nightmare. Morning (or often, all day) sickness is a natural part of most pregnancies, affecting at least 50 percent of pregnant women, but you don’t have to accept your fate! Here are some tips for mastering your nausea.

The Big 3
  1. Rest - You may need more rest while you’re pregnant than you did before, so don’t hesitate to take an afternoon or mid-morning nap if possible, if getting a good night’s sleep is difficult.
  2. Exercise/physical activity – Staying active can help many women with their nausea, so try to stick to a regular exercise routine your OBGYN has approved.
  3. Diet – There are endless diet tips that could help, but here are some simple guidelines that help most women:
  • Eat healthy, bland food (avoid spicy and fatty food)
  • Eat small, frequent meals and snacks (always keep plain crackers on hand)
  • Eat cold food to avoid trigger smells
  • Stay hydrated!
That’s not all! Here are some bonus tips that could help you beat your nausea:
  • Try ginger or peppermint teas
  • Dress comfortably and avoid tight clothes
  • Identify and avoid trigger smells, but try rosemary, lemon, or peppermint essential oils or diffusers to stop nausea
  • Try acupuncture or an acupuncture wristband
  • Ask your doctor about vitamins or an antacid
Finally, figure out what works for you! Morning sickness affects each woman differently, so trust your body by giving it what it wants and avoiding what it doesn’t want. Take note of nausea triggers and even surprising things that soothe it and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a nausea-free pregnancy!
Why you should see your OBGYN before you get pregnant
You know you should visit your OBGYN annually, but did you know that you might need to schedule an extra visit if you are considering getting pregnant? Pregnancy isn’t always planned, but when it is (or even when an unplanned pregnancy is a possibility), here are a few reasons why it is ideal to make a preconception appointment with your OBGYN at least three months before you get pregnant.

Improves chances of conceiving
Just as it is important to discuss contraception with your OBGYN, it is equally important to discuss fertility when you want to conceive. Your OBGYN can give you tips about how to know when you’re ovulating and the best ways to maximize your chance of getting pregnant. He or she can also tell you when it’s time to talk about possible fertility problems if you have trouble conceiving.

Makes it more likely you will have a healthy pregnancy
At your preconception check-up, your OBGYN will look at your and your partner’s medical history and perform certain tests to ensure you are in optimal health for pregnancy. If there are any concerns, your OBGYN can walk you through them and help you get into good health for a pregnancy. You may find that you need to stop certain medications or habits, or that you need to start taking certain supplements, update vaccinations, make lifestyle changes or even environmental changes.

Prepares you emotionally for pregnancy
Finally, it is important for you to be emotionally prepared for all the changes pregnancy and having a baby will bring to your life. Your OBGYN can help you prepare for these changes and give you peace of mind knowing that you are ready for pregnancy and that you will be in capable hands throughout your pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, your baby gets all his or her nutrients from you! That means your diet matters even more than usual, so talk to your OBGYN about the ideal diet for you.
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