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Finding the right OB Healthcare in Katy, TX
When the pregnancy test turns positive, one of the many decisions you’ll make is where to receive your OB healthcare. Some patients simply turn to their current doctor, while others may need to find a new physician. Dr. Taryll Jenkins and Dr. Adebola Falae of Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine in Katy, TX, help countless patients navigate their pregnancies. They understand that it can feel overwhelming to find the right person to trust with your health and the health of your baby. Several items to consider when searching for an obstetrician:
  • Your health – Certain health conditions can put you at risk during pregnancy. If you have high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, epilepsy, or cancer, you’ll need a physician skilled at caring for high risk patients.
  • The physician’s outlook - Will the doctor support your choices about issues that are important to you? You may want to ask about the use of interventions, your ability to move around during labor, fetal monitoring, or episiotomies. Your doctor will always want to do what’s best, but understanding how he or she approaches labor can be helpful.
  • Compatibility – You’ll see your physician many times over the course of your pregnancy. You want to feel comfortable asking questions and expressing your concerns.
  • Delivery – In some practices, physicians are on call for delivery and in others physicians deliver all their patients, as much as possible. If you want your baby to be delivered by your doctor, you may be better suited at a smaller practice.
  • The hospital – Your physician likely has privileges to deliver at several hospitals. Be sure that one of them is close to home and schedule a tour to learn more about the hospital’s policies.
To learn more about Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Falae, or their obstetrics care, call 281-347-2600 today.
What’s the difference between a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis?
Answered by Dr. Falae.. Life is all about striking the right balance. The vagina is a place where having the right balance is also very important. Generally, the vagina has an acidic pH around 4 which allows certain types of bacteria to thrive. When that balance is exacerbated by external factors (stress, chemicals, medication, etc.) it can allow for yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis to develop.

Yeast infections occur when a type of yeast, Candida, overgrows and disrupts the vagina’s natural pH balance. With yeast infections, you might notice white, cottage cheese appearing discharge. These symptoms are usually accompanied by burning and/or itching in the vagina or vulva. Multiple infections may indicate the presence of an underlying disease such as diabetes.

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common type of vaginal infection. It is caused by an imbalance of “good” and “bad” bacteria leading to sometimes a yellow/grayish-white, fishy smelling discharge. With bacterial vaginosis, the vaginal pH is generally elevated. Rarely, is bacterial vaginosis associated with itching.

The treatments for yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis are very different so it very important that they are properly diagnosed in order for the right therapy to be administered.
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