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Probiotics as a solution for gum disease
Gum disease is a serious dental condition. It develops as a result of the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth and plaque and calculus buildup on teeth. If left untreated, it can progress beyond the point of control, causing cavities, bad breath, and eventually loss of teeth and the complete deterioration of oral health.

Not only that, gum disease also has serious effects on other organs of the body including the heart, brain, and immune, respiratory and digestive systems. Consequently it would help us in many ways to keep this condition in check.

A new solution has been offered for gum disease in the form of probiotics, dietary supplements consisting of micro-organisms, which stimulates health and suppress the spread of disease and the colonization of pathogens. Although probiotics have been with us for a long time, in fermented milk and other fermented foods, their medicinal uses came to light only in the early 1900s.

Probiotics have become important in the fight against gum disease by promoting disease management through an antimicrobial/antibiotic model. Probiotics reduce the pH level in the oral cavity, thereby preventing bacteria buildup, and in turn preventing plaque and calculus buildup. They also produce antioxidants which neutralize the formation of electrons necessary for plaque formation.

Probiotics can also help with bad odors by breaking down the toxic gases (such as sulfur) into gases needed for the metabolic process. A significant reduction in halitosis has also been reported in cases where gargling with probiotic solutions was tested.

Probiotics as a new solution to gum disease is being promoted by biologocal dentist Dr. Titania Tong. Come and explore the benefits of this treatment in her practice.
Probiotic – Prodegin
Get the benefits of five Lactobacillus species in one convenient chewable tablet.

It’s quite common for Lactobacilli to reside in the oral cavity. They promote dental health by antagonizing harmful microorganisms. The high-CFU blend of Lactobacilli in Prodegin boost oral health by inhibiting the growth of many harmful microorganisms. Prodegin promotes gastrointestinal health too.
Toothpaste to combat gum disease - Dentalcidin
Use our broad-spectrum Dentalcidin toothpaste containing Biocidin to successfully combat the oral health challenges posed by microorganisms and bacterial biofilms.

It supports oral tissues, reduces inflammation and speeds up repairs. The inclusion of botanicals and essential oils like clove and myrrh help fight biofilms, plaque and mouth odor, and it also freshens breath. It tastes great and is suitable for both children and adults.
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