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Keep the season merry; gift yourself oral health!
As the holidays approach, your biological dentist reminds you: Take time for your teeth and for yourself.

Has it been awhile since your last recall appointment? We realize you have a lot of family and office gatherings this time of year. But, don’t delay. Beat the mad rush! We’re even open on Saturdays to help accommodate the busiest schedules.

As a dental office that considers your overall wellness and wellbeing in all procedures and products, we know how you respond to stress has very real effects on your teeth and gums. Any time your oral health is affected, it also has consequences for the rest of your body. Keep the “merry” and “festive” in the season:
  • Go ahead! Enjoy favorite treats. But be sure to balance those once-a-year delicacies with leafy greens and other nutrition-packed choices to keep the tooth-destroying acids at bay.
  • Rinse and brush away the sweets. Maintain these good oral habits to remove the sticky residue that can harden and become tartar.
  • You may be clenching your facial muscles and grinding your teeth and not even realize it. Consciously take in a few, slow deep breaths throughout the day to allow face and jaw muscles to relax.
  • We’re also trained to spot the signs of night-time tooth-grinding, and are adept at relieving discomfort and TMJ symptoms without medications.
Give yourself the greatest gift of all: Health! Trends come and go, but a healthy smile and well body look good on everybody.
Dr. Titania Tong
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