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Back-to-school Means Back-to-the-dentist!
Is your kid’s smile back-to-school ready? If you haven’t scheduled that check-up, beat the rush. You’ll be getting your child off to a great start for the school year.
  • Routine exams are key to preventing the most common chronic childhood disease: cavities.
  • A healthy mouth promotes academic success. Dental disease was responsible for more than 51 million missed school hours last year.
  • Promote well-being. A child who is happy about his or her smile is generally more confident and has an active social life. Oral health problems also contribute to speech impediments, such as lisps, which can adversely impact your child’s self-esteem.
Mind the time of day that you schedule your child’s visit. Don’t book during his or her regular naptime or right after a long or busy day, such as following day camp.

Scheduling children’s appointments back-to-back may be a good idea, because the child who’s most positive about dental visits can serve as a “role model” for his or her sibling. Let us lead the conversation if you’re not sure how to calm your little one’s nerves. We’re here for the whole family.
Starting Good Habits Early
One of the primary goals of pediatric dentistry is to educate children and parents on the oral hygiene habits that will keep your teeth healthy. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, early dental visits should begin by the time a child has reached one year of age or earlier. Essentially, dental care becomes important as soon as teeth have erupted. In our practice, we place a high priority on education as a proven form of prevention. In addition to exams and cleanings, we discuss the hazards of poor dietary habits and the benefits of hygiene and nutrition.
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Brighter smiles in Little Elm

Time and other factors may have taken the shine out of your smile, but Dr. Suri has the solution.
Be sure to ask about Whitening for Life!
Toothy Testaments
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