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Brush up on the beauty, benefits of cosmetic fillings where
Chances are, if you have had a filling in the last few decades, you may notice a dark gray spot where the tooth was filled. Silver amalgam fillings were once the standard of treatment and can be unsightly, causing people to feel embarrassed to smile. Amalgam fillings do not blend in with the natural tooth and are a very visible reminder that you had a cavity.

In recent decades, with advances in dental technology, we’ve found that patients are interested in a more aesthetically appealing solution. Tooth-colored cosmetic fillings have become the standard choice for patients who want their tooth restored in a beautiful way.

Who exactly is a holistic dentist?
Who exactly is a holistic dentist? Also known as biological dentists or integrative dentists, they do everything that dentists do and provide some additional services! While they treat all dental problems, they take the whole body into consideration when determining therapies and treatments. They treat the body as one single unit so treatments are designed to suit the whole body and pose no negative consequences on other organs of the human body.

While a holistic dentist would clean teeth and gums, fill cavities, plan bridges, crowns and implants and treat symptoms such as TMJ, they would also take into consideration the patient’s lifestyle, diet and mental health when drawing up treatment plans. Another important factor in the operations of such a dentist is that they would use technology which minimizes patients, dentists and other dental staff being exposed to harmful chemicals in the process of carrying out treatments. Protecting the environment from such harmful substances is another one of their goals.

The majority of holistic dentists prefer to work without substances such as fluoride and almost all of them work in mercury-free and mercury-safe environments. Instead, they may use traditional herbal products and remedies and what they feel are safer and less invasive restoration materials.

If interested in finding a holistic dentist, the best course of action is to do as much research as possible and ask questions. One should feel both confident and comfortable with their dentist.
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