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July Newsletter 2017


A guide to healthy summer eating, from our holistic dental family to yours

As a holistic dentist, we understand you can’t have oral health without whole-body wellness. Don’t let health take a holiday during the busy summer. The season’s bounty makes it easy to enjoy lots of smile-friendly treats. Snacks that nourish the body are often good for teeth. Some foods have special properties that make them particularly good options for a healthy, attractive smile. Stock up on:

  • Proteins like nuts and cheese — Excellent buffers against decay-producing acids.
  • Produce with high water content like celery, pears, melons — Rinse harmful bacteria from the mouth.
  • High vitamin A and C fruits like sliced oranges, apples, and bananas — refreshing and promotes healthy gums and teeth.
  • Calcium containing foods — preserve and rebuild enamel, and stimulate bacteria-fighting saliva.

If kids don’t have the following foods available, they won’t eat them:

  • Sticky candies like taffy and licorice
  • Starchy snacks such as potato chips.

Both sugars and starches are hard to clear from the mouth. Harmful bacteria like to feed off them. If your kids must have sweets, opt for ice cream enjoyed quickly and not consumed over many hours, producing multiple acidic attacks on teeth. Happy and healthy snacking!


Holistic dentists: “Green” year-round, not just for Earth Day

As holistic dentists, we know that mercury-free is the only way to fill cavities. Mercury-free and mercury-safe dentists are also green. A study by the Canadian Dental Association found 60 percent of mercury residue from silver amalgam fillings is released into wastewater in Ontario. Imagine the multiplier effect this has on an entire country and planet.

When we follow best practices like those established by the IAOMT, it’s healthier to our patients and is also friendly to the environment. We encourage dental approaches that reduce the profession’s environmental impact. We’re happy to contribute to the health of our patients and to leave a legacy of a better planet for future generations. Keep in mind:

  • You’ll never find mercury in our fillings. The toxin is used to bind metals in amalgams. Alternatives such as ceramics are friendly to living tissues and look like natural, healthy teeth.
  • We safely remove amalgam fillings placed by other dentists. Using equipment such as an amalgam separator, which filters the particles from the office’s wastewater.

We’re happy to acquaint you with the ways we offer safer, healthier dentistry.

Before image

PROBLEM: Mercury silver amalgams stretch and give the tooth a grayish color.

After image

SOLUTION: In removing the mercury fillings and placing a cosmetic bond restoration, it gives the tooth a naturally appealing look.

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Featured Procedure - Biological Dentistry

If you are looking for a general dentistry practice that focuses on biological dentistry, Dr. Virtue is the dentist for you! At Virtue Dental Care, we focus on delivering biocompatible dentistry to make you feel great from the inside out. We ensure that your whole health is a priority at all times.

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Dr. William E. Virtue DDS, FIAOMT, NMD

SMART certified with the IAOMT

Dr. Virtue is SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified by the IAOMT, evidence of rigorous training in removal of existing amalgam fillings to reduce potential health effects of mercury exposure.


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