You work hard to provide excellent service and earn the respect of your customers. Why not put your excellent reputation to work gaining more loyal patrons?

GMT is a FREE service for Ekwa clients! It harnesses the power of consumer testimonials in a viewer-friendly video format that brings value to your website and increases organic search ranking.

Actual clients are an excellent marketing resource. Their sincere words describing how they have benefited from your care entice others to take advantage of your services. Videos bring the testimonials page on your website to life, attracting more visitors and encouraging interaction on your social media sites.

The question isn’t why use GMT . . . it is why NOT use GMT. You have nothing to lose and a world of credibility to gain.

It is simple & easy.
  • Invite your happy patients to record a review for you by sharing the toll-free number given
  • Patient calls the number and records the review right away
  • We will then convert the audio review to a powerful video testimonial
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