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Are you missing out on opportunities to be seen as an expert on cutting-edge devices and products? Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Jason Bloom of Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery, established himself as an authority on the latest aesthetic technologies through presentations, trainings, and clinical research. Dr. Bloom shares his “secrets” with Growing Plastic Surgeon listeners on how to partner with companies to deepen product knowledge, heighten national and global visibility, and be a more fulfilled, successful clinician.

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As a child, Steven Cohen’s learning disability went undiagnosed. Told he “wasn’t very smart,” Cohen flunked out of 10th grade. Today he is an internationally-recognized plastic surgeon, inventor, artist, author, and founder of one of the first comprehensive plastic surgery, skin, and laser practices: Faces Plus. No stranger to challenges and tragedy, Dr. Cohen shares his journey and urges Growing Plastic Surgeon listeners to not put off anything to tomorrow, have the courage to make mistakes, and the persistence to learn from failure.

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When Dr. Johnny Franco moved to Austin, Texas from Miami, Florida, he was told his days of doing Brazilian Butt Lifts were over. Luckily, he didn’t listen; those nay-sayers were proven wrong. The board-certified plastic surgeon’s practice has carved out a niche in BBL, which remains his top procedure. Dr. Franco encourages Growing Plastic Surgeon listeners to learn from his story – stay true to “you” and do what you love. The results will show, and patients who see you as genuine will trust you.

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