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A New Orleans native, Dr. Mary Lupo of the Lupo Center for Aesthetic & General Dermatology likens the craft to The Big Easy’s most beloved dish, gumbo: It’s best if cooked slowly, patiently, and for a long time. Dr. Lupo shares what she’s learned over her more than 30 years as a board-certified dermatologist and educator with Growing Dermatologist listeners. “Be” like gumbo. Don’t be impatient or try to force things. Embrace the knowledge-gathering, experience, and self-awareness.

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Dr. Jennifer Trent was just a year removed from her residency when she started American Dermatology Associates of Sarasota, Florida. The board-certified dermatologist originally took on a lot of medical dermatology cases, though her heart resided with cosmetic cases. Dr. Trent has pursued her passions and built a practice true to herself – with “personal touches,” making notes about a patient’s grandbaby or dog so she can ask about them during the next visit. Learn from Dr. Trent’s successes and mistakes via the Growing Dermatologist podcast.

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Clinical researcher. Teacher. Practice owner. Director of clinical dermatology. Industry leader. Medical editor. Dr. Neal Bhatia of Therapeutics Dermatology in San Diego, California and Practical Dermatology monthly has done it all. But being a father for the first time in his 50s is Dr. Bhatia’s life-defining and -altering role. Dr. Bhatia encourages Growing Dermatologist listeners to not wait until it’s “too late” or “hindsight” to prioritize, take the long view, and savor what’s in front of you.

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